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Atelier: French cosmetics for professional make-up designers.

Brand slogan: Professionally from professionals.

For podium and every-day make-up. Wide selection of positions: from bases to water paints for body-art. Choice of European and American make-up designers.

Famous French professional brand of decorative cosmetics. Products of this brand are used by make-up designers at TV, theaters, fashion houses, beauty salons, talent agencies, beauty institutions and in show-business. It would be a mistake to think that this cosmetics is intended for bright light of floodlight projectors only. Like any other professional decorative cosmetics, the cosmetics of this brand also cares for skin: its composition includes healing components and substances protecting skin from UV radiation. At that, the cosmetics is very stable.


The brand was registered in 1986 by Helene Quille, a French make-up designer. Today, Atelier is in top-five of worldwide companies producing professional cosmetics. It includes factories, laboratories, and international school of professional make-up. No fashion show in Russia is performed without the use of this cosmetics. Make-up designers of large TV companies are using this cosmetics. Interesting fact: several years ago the company developed the image programmed for stewardesses of Aeroflot.


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